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The start of a journey

How it works

The Simple Team..

...inspects and vets the candidate projects. If they are deemed worthy, they get listed on the launchpad with all the known details about the product and its owners. L3 KYC if necessary!

The Community..

...decides if the project has value, and pledges tickets to fund it. Tickets are safely locked and cannot be accessed by anyone! The per-user max. pledge amounts are set by the teams with our guidance.

The Project Owners.. the full funding, now the tickets get locked and the owner has to deliver to the agreement. Failure to do so will result in a disband process where the tickets will be refunded and the project will be removed from the launchpad.

A revolutionary system to combat capital inequality

Get your tickets! Pledge them to the projects you like the most.

Claim your rewards on a successful project launch!

Head to the farms and enjoy the week long BOOSTED farming.

The team failed to deliver? The ticket self-destructs and you get a refund.

A new way of interacting with Web3 technologies

Choices to be made

Simple and easy to use

A quick glance and you're in! Pledge, claim, farm!

Multiple rarity tiers to choose from

  • Legendary: Cornerstone projects, a must-have in everyone's wallets
  • Epic: Something new in the web3 space, these are rarities on their own
  • Rare: Something valuable, something with a new spin on it

Your entry has been granted

The Launchpad Ticket

An NFT like no other

  • The entry to the ecosystem
  • Limited quantity for each epoch
  • A Self-burning mechanism and refund system
  • A gas-saving smart contract backing
  • A cost of 0.05 ⟠ adjustable by community voting
  • Used for all our future non-fungible project needs

Something to hold on to

SMPL Token

An ERC20 token on the ethereum chain

  • Max Supply: 750.000.000
  • Ticker: SMPL
  • Category: Utility
  • Fixed maximum supply
  • Contract: Coming Soon!
  • Council votes, yield farming, passive ticket generation for holders and more...

SMPL Tokenomics

















Percentage numbers are rounded for better readability, see the whitepaper for a detailed overview on tokenomics


The Simple Ecosystem

Built with a focus on community, capital equality and robustness

Simple Launchpad

A community oriented incubator that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens. Balancing out the inequality of crypto venture funding.

Simple Chain

A Type-2 zkEVM of Ethereum with an emphasis on privacy. Untraceable, secure and robust.

Simple Exchange

A simple, yet easy to use decentralized exchange platform which supports all our launchpad projects - from start to finish.

Simple Wallet

An all-in-one wallet solution for the Simple Ecosystem. Quick, efficient and with an all familiar UI and built-in DEX.


Easy to master

The Simple Eco uses the least amount of steps to achieve a given goal.


Everyone will find something useful in our range of products.

The first at it

We are the first to utilize NFT technology in this meaningful manner and it works flawlessly.

Low cost maxi

0.05 ⟠ That's it. The lowest entry price to any launchpad, period.

Stake for cake

Our farms only run for a week after a project launch, so yields are 🔥!

Burn it down!

The project failed? We got you covered. The ticket self-burns and you will be refunded.

How safe is this?

We KYC every owner and look behind the curtains of every project to make sure that they deserve a place.

Bots? Where?

Our captcha tech and manual checks & balances system provides control over every launch.

A place of equal opportunity

Simple is a level playing field for all. The systems we implemented will make sure that everyone has the same chances. We made sure of it.

Multiple ways to prosper

Simple suits your playstyle. Missed out on a successful launch? Start in the farms! Ran out of tickets? Buy SMPL! Holding it will earn your entry to the launchpad. Wanna be the ticket man? Get as many as you can!

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